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Diplomatic Society


International Personality

"A brotherhood  & sisterhood of diplomats and consuls from all nations who strive to help the world"  Diplomatic,Consular , Foreign Service and  International Relations Professionals  Fraternal  Society

Star of St. Gabriel
International Personality
The Diplomatic Society of St Gabriel is a international organization of the laity.
International practice shows that persons and bodies other than states  are often the subjects of international rights and duties, such developments are not inconsistent with the structure of international law. International legal personality , independent of specific of territorial  sovereign status. Our membership are most often made up of individuals protected by the Vienna Convention. We reserve the right to enter into agreements with governments regarding the legal status of our organization and members in order to carry out our works.


Diplomatic Society of St Gabriel

Humanitarian Diplomacy and Diplomatic initiatives for humanitarian aid
The DSG  has a policy of Diplomacy with a humanitarian perspective. To this end we are involved in active relations with major international humanitarian  organizations and both governmental and non-governmental groups.
To deliver humanitarian aid in accordance with need, members use their skills in diplomacy and negotiation to ensure that aid can be delivered with assistance of local members of the Society in the region where aid is most needed. 

The Society of St Gabriel supports the works of the UN White Helmets