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Diplomatic Society



HI & RH Monika Habsburg of Austria
Presented by H.E. Duke of Vargus Machuca

HI &RH Archduke Josef Habsburg of Austria
Presented by H.E. Duke of Vargus Machuca

"A brotherhood  & sisterhood of diplomats and consuls from all nations who strive to help the world"  Diplomatic,Consular , Foreign Service and  International Relations Professionals  Fraternal  Society

NOTE: The  St Gabriel Society shall not require its members, particularly those working with a particular government or inter-governmental organizations, to undertake any activity which may pose a potential conflict of interest between membership in the Society and the policies and interests of the government or organization to which a member owes allegiance.


Its founding members hailed from Colombia, Mozambique, Slovakia, the Philippines and the United States.With additional members representing or resident in Albania, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Dominican  Republic, El Salvador, Georgia, Hungary,  Jamaica, Netherlands,  Nicaragua,  Liberia, Malta , Marshall Islands, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Seychelles, Sovereign Military Order of Malta, Switzerland, Turkey,  and several other nations.

Members also serve on a number of UN organizations,Trilateral Commission, Council of Foreign Relations, World Affairs Councils, United Nations Associations, and a number of national and international Diplomatic & Consular Associations.


The Humanitarian award has been  given to United Nations Peacekeeping Operations Philippine contingent from the Armed Forces  who have served in East Timor, Iraq, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Ivory Coast and Kosovo.

We are a world-wide fraternal and spiritual society of diplomats, consular officials and other international relations professionals.   Young Catholic Men and Women interested  in international affairs are termed Squires.
Lay members are asked to join the online Oblates of the Order of St. Benedict to aid in spritual formation.
Order of St Benedict est. 530 A.D.
click above to link to spritual formation program
Cross of the Society
We welcome membership inquiries from members of the diplomatic, consular and international relations community.
Star of the Society
Who may join ?

Serving and former Diplomats, Consular Officials, International Civil Servants, Officials of International NGOs, International Relations Academics and other International Affairs Professionals are welcome.

Sash of St Gabriel

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